Reclaimed & Recycled Building Materials

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Recycled lumber & building materials change daily

Reclaimed Building Materials are sourced from barns, water tanks, warehouses, buildings and structures that may have outlived their original purpose yet still have building materials that may be recycled and re-purposed into another useful life as flooring, tabletops, bar tops, siding, wainscoting and more! Recycled building materials, used lumber and old wood from Heritage Salvage have gone into over 65 homes, restaurants and bars and commercial buildings around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Many of the fabulous structures that have been re-purposed by Heritage Salvage can be viewed in their original splendor on our Services/Deakin-struction page.

Reclaimed Redwood

reclaimed redwood

From recycled water tanks to wine tank stock, old growth barn wood to forest fire slabs to fence boards and reclaimed redwood collections from the sawmill bone yard. We are well represented by our coastal species!. Read more about our reclaimed redwood.

Douglas Fir

reclaimed douglas fir

We have recycled bleacher boards from different schools, salvaged vinegar tanks and old barn rules, timbers, vertical grain, clear vinegar tank fir. Lots of used old growth fir, 1x, 2x, 3x to beams and structural sizes. Read more about reclaimed douglas fir


reclaimed cedar

We have Idaho barn siding and Port Orford beams, reclaimed Red cedar, yellow and Incense. Appearance grade cedar in many sizes. Glorious Recycled Cedar! Read more about reclaimed cedar


reclaimed hardwood

Our reclaimed hardwoods come from many sources, hand hewn beams, rough sawn timbers, White Oak, Elm, Ash, Hickory, red gum, walnut, Bay Laurel. At any time we have a mix of salvaged hardwoods on hand. Read more about reclaimed hardwoods

Exotic Wood and Whole Tree Slabs

reclaimed exotic wood

From Hawaii we have recycled Chocolate Acacia, Monkey Pod, Spalted Mango, Norfolk Pine, Sugi Pine, and Kamani. Some Mahogany slabs. From our west coast we have reclaimed Bay Laurel, Red Gum, Redwood, Fir, Walnut, Cedar, Elm, Old Growth Redwood. Read more about reclaimed exotic woods

reclaimed fencing

Fencing and Grape Stakes

We typically have recycled Cedar and redwood fence boards, reclaimed fence boards, grape stakes at 3’ and 6’. Hand split posts and reclaimed fence panels. Read more about reclaimed fencing and grape stakes

reclaimed beams

Hand Hewn Beams

From ancient barns in Wisconsin and Ohio, we have a great selection of Hand hewn beams from short to very long. These come in many species from White Oak to Elm, Ash, Chestnut, Heart Pine and Hickory. Read more about salvaged hand hewn beams

reclaimed barnwood

Barnwood and Barnboards

Our salvaged barn siding comes in redwood, cedar and fir to poplar and hemlock. It all carries patina from silver gray to faded paint. Many boards have circular saw marks and mortis and tenon. Read more about our salvaged barn wood and barn boards